Custom Design

Signature Architectural Elements offers you an opportunity to turn your ideas into a reality. You can describe the product as you imagine it and send us the product details including measurements, preferred materials, desired finish and any drawings or reference materials you may have. Your description, measurements and any drawings or any other reference materials can be emailed to for a free quote or call us at 915.892.0431


Technical Drawing

Once all the information has been gathered our professional team will create an AutoCAD rendering of your product. AutoCAD is a Computer Aided Design software application for 2D and 3D design and drafting used by professional architects and draftsmen. The AutoCad rendering enables us to make sure that the design is sound and gives our crafters all the details they need to realize your design.


Final Product

Before we hand the design over to our crafters we’ll send you the AutoCad rendering for approval. Once it is approved we’ll move it on to production. When your product is completed we will ship it directly to you for installation which can be done by yourself or by a professional if installation is required.

Final Product


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